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For retirees, you’ve likely spent the majority of your adult life working. You’ve put in the time and energy towards building your career, and subsequently your wealth, and now it’s time to enjoy having less responsibility on your plate in retirement. At this stage, you are likely focused on maximizing your retirement funds, and potentially looking at opportunities to differentiate or diversify your investment strategy.

You’ll need a plan for taking required minimum distributions from your nest egg, minimizing taxes, adjusting your investment mix over time, and withdrawing your money at a sustainable rate. With a difference in income compared to your pre-retirement days, but continued monitoring and review of your investment strategy, we can ensure you stay aligned with your goals.

If you’re a retiree that is looking for options to secure your future and help to manage your nest egg, the team at The Sommersberger Group is here to help. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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