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The Sommersberger Group is proud to serve a variety of different clients, including families, retirees, entrepreneurs, young professionals, business services, and non-profit organizations. We know that the needs of each of our clients differ, which is why we’re focused on a customer-first approach. We lay the groundwork for strong client partnerships by first understanding each client’s goals and working with them to craft a personalized solution.

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How We Serve You


Depending on your current situation and life stage, we know that priorities can shift. As your financial partner, The Sommersberger Group is committed to helping you navigate each stage and make the best decisions about the financial future of your family.

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You’ve put in the time and energy towards building your career, and subsequently your wealth, and now it’s time to enjoy having less responsibility on your plate in retirement.

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Though your personal financial planning goals are strongly tied to that of the business, we understand the importance of making sound decisions that ensures the future of your company.

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Young Professionals

Whether you’ve just begun your professional career, or have a few years of experience in the working world, we know that you’re thinking about planning for the future.

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Corporate Retirement Plans

For business owners, time is the most valuable asset as they seek to ensure efficient operation and growth of their companies. Retirement plans have become more and more essential to a successful company but often remain overlooked due to time constraints.

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Non Profits

For non-profit organizations, the long-term success and stability of the organization relies on implementing sound financial planning and management practices. This involves planning for unexpected events, securing financing for new opportunities, and ultimately, realizing strategic goals for the organization.

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